Sunday, May 23, 2010

Less Art...More Ridiculous: Justin Bieber and Doctor Who

Hello everyone! Well, I don't have a real art update right now, but I figured I'd post these for fun. This first thing is a little animation I did about a week and a half ago about Justin Bieber; doing this kind of cheap slide-showy animation was really fun, and I'm going to try to make another one soon. Sorry Bieber fans:

I also made this Doctor Who shirt; I saw a girl a few weeks back wearing a shirt that said "The Dark Night" and had a pretty badly drawn Joker on it. I thought the shirt was hilarious and that she had made it herself, but in the end it was just a shirt for some sorority function. The idea stuck with me, and I decided to make a really painfully bad fan shirt for one of my favorite shows, Doctor Who!

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It's a little embarrassing to wear due to the sheer badness of it all, but I do it anyway. So far, nobody has said anything about it, not even my creative spelling of "Doctor."

I have a show this Friday for some sculptures I'm going to cast in plaster, so look out for that this week; take care!

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