Sunday, February 15, 2009

First Video Blog and some Assorted Crap

Have you ever wanted to see me rambling sleepily right when I wake up? Of course you have! Well, now's your chance, in my (stylistically obvious) first ever video blog (or vlog as you crazy kids are calling it these days).

So here is the aforementioned ATC I did yesterday...I'm OK with how it turned out, although it doesn't really seem that original or anything. It starts out as the standard card shape and unfolds to reveal some sort of rock angel monster:

And, as a bit of a bonus, last semester I had a sculpture class and our first project was to make four sculptures out of paper. The guidelines were we had to use one big sheet of cardstock, and we could cut it, but we couldn't cut any piece off of it or use any sort of adhesive. So when our piece was taken apart, it would fold back into a full piece of paper. Then, we had to incorporate a black letter (from any alphabet) into our design. I've long since cannabalized the first three of mine for other projects, but here's number four, which has been lying under my bed for awhile. See if you can figure out how I did it without cutting anything off or using adhesive (hahaha, don't worry, it's not that hard.) Oh, and the letter I used was lower-case I.

Yep, not overly interesting, but hey, all I had was a sheet of paper and a knife. I hope everyone had a good Valentine's day...expect to hear from me again soon!


  1. Shriveled? More like rugged sexy teehee!

    But onto the art, most beautiful works, I'm really in awe of the stairs one, you put 10000% into your work and it shows. Do you ever name your work? I never seem to catch it if you do. Your going to go somewhere with this, I'm telling you and I want in on the autographed work hehe!

    By the By I finished my V-Day present, I know it's late but love has no day in my book so it's up on my art bloggy!

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