Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Painted Cell Phone (Again)

Here's a little mini-update: my current cell phone, that I painted up a little while ago:

I tried to copy the Japanese off of an Ando Hiroshige print (his signature, of course), but I'm sure I butchered it somehow! Ah well, few people will ever know. This has been riding around in my pocket since I painted it a couple weeks ago, so it's a little dirty, but still holding in there!


  1. In 40 years, your previous phone will wash up on a beach and someone will think the ocean is producing miraculous, secret works of art, and it will be famous and Sunday Morning will cover it for all the old people (so, by then, us) to feel good about.

    You know, my phone is white. That's a big canvas just begging for some Hannah-icousness.

  2. What kind of paint did you use?

  3. I used a brand called Plaid Paint for Plastic, which I picked up at Michaels, although I went back recently and they didn't seem to have it any more. Good luck finding it!